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The Top UK Credit Report & Monitoring Services Reviewed as of February 2020


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  • Unlimited access to reports.
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UK Credit Ratings - Review

UK Credit Ratings is a credit reporting service. They retrieve credit information from CallCredit, a UK credit reference agency. The information in your credit report is used by lenders to determine your credit-worthiness when you apply for a new loan.

30 Days

  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring
  • Unlimited Access
  • Profile Monitoring
  • ID Theft Alerts

Free Credit Ratings - Review

FreeCreditRatings is one of the best overall credit services in the UK. FreeCreditRatings does more than simply monitor and report your credit and credit score to you. They also provide all the needed services to help you improve your credit, dispute errors, and avoid and minimize the impact of identity theft. And they do all of that for a very reasonable monthly fee, starting with a free 30 trial.

30 Days

  • Credit Score.
  • Full Credit Report.
  • Credit Monitoring.
  • 24/7 Identity Alert.

Credit Angel - Review

A relatively young participant in the credit reporting industry, Credit Angel is owned and operated by one of the biggest and fastest-growing financial technology firms in the UK, Quintessential Finance Group Ltd, which certainly has a reputation for innovation and forward thinking. Quintessential was founded in 2009 and owns and operates various other online consumer brands, so it is fast becoming a well-known and trusted name in the industry. Much the same, by extension, can be said of Credit Angel, which keeps things simple with its well-sorted credit reporting services that don't have too many distracting frills.

30 Days

  • ID Protection
  • Statutory Report
  • Court Information

My Credit Monitor - Review

My Credit Monitor is a reputable credit agency in the UK and the world. Anyone who is interested in getting a better handle on their credit situation and making the best decisions for their financial future should take a look at the newly updated site. This features more intuitive navigation, and enhanced layout, and even more educational features and offerings. You will be able to obtain your credit report as well as learn how to establish alerts and be better able to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud.

30 Days

  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring
  • ID Theft Alerts
  • Fraud Protection

Credit Reports Matter - Review

So, you already understand that there are a thousand reasons to check your credit score and report, and to do so on a regular basis. Anyone who has ever been refused credit, is thinking of applying for credit, or needs to know their score should definitely consider Credit Reports Matter. This is one of the best places in the UK for keeping track of one's credit information and protecting yourself against any type of fraud or identity theft. They even offer new members a totally free trial with full access to all the services and features of the site.


Each credit report lays out your information differently. However they all contain the following categories of information:
• Information to identify the owner of the report including name, address, national insurance number, and date of birth
• There is usually a summary of the report at the beginning
• List of credit accounts (aka lines of credit) and payment history
• Credit inquires within the last 2 years
• Information related to your creditworthiness that is available on public record.

The easiest way to think of your credit score, is that it is an amalgamation of all the historical and present day relevant financial factors, represented in a 3 digit score. For someone who is then weighing up whether to make a decision relevant to your finances, based on your score, it quickly allows them to make an accurate decision. The higher the score number, the more reliable you are seen to be.

If for any reason there are errors with your report, the first step is to get in touch with the source of the error. Each financial factor represented in the credit report, is its own organisation and have it’s own system for enquiries. These are generally dealt with within 28 days. If you are unable to get the mistake fixed, you will be able to add a statement to the report giving your side of things.


It can be incredibly difficult to survive in the modern world without credit. We are constantly moving away from a cash based economy - for example. If you want to enjoy the cheap deals available online, you are usually going to need credit.

We have reviewed the leading Credit Report companies to help you choose the best one to use.